My positive accomplishments as former Mayor and Council Member include:

  • Cottonwood Creek Park
  • The Trails Master Plan
  • The City's Clean Water Program
  • 7 Habitat for Humanity homes
  • Televising City Council meetings
  • The Encinitas Library
  • Created Art Gallery in Encinitas City Hall
  • Restored Hwy 101 Shield together with Fred Caldwell and  helped rename and unify Historic 101
  • Advocated and supported the Encinitas Surfer Crossing Signs designed by Kris Hicks
  • Promoted funding for Leucadia 101 Drainage Project
  • Initiated concept for synchronized traffic signals on Leucadia and Encinitas Blvds., and El Camino Real
  • Vulcan Neighborhood Park and Skate Board facility
  • Obtained the first $1 million grant from Dept. of Interior for a Recycled Water Project
  • Implementation of  Encinitas Downtown 101 Specific Plan
  • Kept toxic waste dump from being located in New Encinitas
  • Responsible for Handicapped access to Moonlight Beach

I believe in putting ACTION behind the VISION:

  • The Safety and Health of our Residents - putting people first
  • Upholding Prop A - your Right to Vote on Zoning Changes
  • Minimizing Over-Development and high Density Bonus Impacts
  • Amnesty for Accessory Units before building new Affordable Housing
  • Modernizing and Enhancing our Public Transit Systems
  • Supporting Our Artists and Cultural Venues
  • Fiscally Conservative Management of Our Tax Dollars




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